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Verizon Sim Card

The verizon sim card is a high-quality, oem-quality card that provides you with the convenience of using your verizon service through your own computer. This card is perfect for those who want to use their verizon service with theircell phone, or those who want to prepare their phone for gsm only service. This card also includes a built-in 10 watt led light that will make sure you are always aware of your phone's location.

Deals for Verizon Sim Card

This is a verizon original unlimited hotspot plan. You get 50 a month for your trouble. Plus, you get a grandfathered imei.
this is a genuine oem verizon nano 4ff sim card. It comes with a prepaidcontract and contract contents are as follows:
1. Contract contents:
1. Pre-paid contract (“pre-paid contract)
2. 1 month. Pre-paid contract (“monthly contract)
3. Ca $1, 000
4. Capitalizedgain from stock sales
2. Contract contents:
2. Pre-paid contract (“pre-paid contract)
3. Pre-paid contract (“monthly contract)
4. Ca $1, 000
5. Capitalizedgain from stock sales
3. Contract contents:
3. Pre-paid contract (“pre-paid contract)
4. Pre-paid contract (“monthly contract)
5. Ca $1, 000
6. Capitalizedgain from stock sales
4. Contract contents:
4. Pre-paid contract (“pre-paid contract)
5. Pre-paid contract (“monthly contract)
6. Ca $1, 000
7. Capitalizedgain from stock sales
8. The capitalizedgain from stock sales contract is a pre-paid contract and is subject to pre-purchase terms.
the verizon hotspot unlimited plan is a 50-month plan that offers great features for your verizon account. Include: -?